Buffalo Park Plot Lottery Plottery

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Mark your calendars for April 28th, 6pm, Evergreen High School for the Buffalo Park Community Garden Plot Lottery Plottery!! Must be present to win a plot!

Team up with a friend or neighbor and share a plot!(Each plot-mate must be present at Plottery, April 28th, to be grandfathered to the plot from year to year).

There are 21 plots available for the community. Eleven plots will be lotteried at the Plottery.

For folks not able to attend there will be a mail-in lottery for the remaining 10 plots. Mail-In forms will be available on this website shortly.

Buffalo Park Comm Garden graphic

Let your imagination grow and watch the garden site magically transform!

Join in the fun and get on our construction volunteer list! Make it a family event!
? There’s volunteer fun for everyone!

? Volunteers team up on the weeds



  1. Paula Mann
    April 10, 2016

    Do we need tickets for the lottery? Thanks you

    • Rachel Emmer
      April 11, 2016

      There are two ways to get a plot. A live event (the Plottery) is happening April 28th, 6pm, Evergreen High School Library. This is a ‘must be present to win’ event and each attendee wanting to submit for a plot will be given a ticket at the event. Eleven of the twenty plots available will be lotteried at this event; folks are highly encouraged to team up with friends/neighbors to share a plot. All plot-mates must be present at the event in order for all to be grandfathered to the plot from year to year.

      The second way to get plot is through a mail-in lottery. Applications for the mail-in will be available on this website (EvergreenEASY.org) within the next day or two.

      Thanks for your interest!!

      Rachel – Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability

  2. Sharifa Moore
    April 19, 2017

    Hi Rachel,

    Do we need to fill anything out prior or do we just show up to enter the lottery?

    Sharifa Moore

    • Rachel
      April 20, 2017

      Thanks for your inquiry regarding a plot at the Buffalo Park Community Garden. The Plottery was held last year and established the inaugural community of gardeners. Plotholding gardeners are grandfathered in from year to year. When a plotholder decides they no longer want a plot, their plot becomes available for the first person on the wait list. Please contact Phyllis Spear, Buffalo Park Community Garden Gardener Advocate, for information on the wait list. spearsinco’AT’yahoo.com


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